Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ah Saved Wellesley Today

Well, a've gone and got meself promoted. Lieutenant Sharpe, that's me. What would me poor whore-mum say if she could see me now? She'd say, Dick ma son, ah always knew thou had it in thee.

Ah was mindin me own business, havin a bit of a scrub in a pond, when a saw old Wellesley on is 'orse. I thought nothin o it and got back to washin me tunic. Next thing, Wellesley is ridin back, fast like, and e's bein chased by three Frenchies.

So, I got me gun and a killed them. Wellesely was that glad he promoted me. Well, a wiz gobsmacked - there's not many blokes get raised from the ranks.

Dangerous mission tomorrah. Hope a don't get shot.


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