Wednesday, 23 July 2008

First Day on t'Job

Me and the Chosen Men
Ah 'ad a bugger o a day. Met the Chosen Men. Bloody 'ell. Can't get the bastards to do what a say. Bit upset about it like. A give bloody good orders and all they do is moan. Was that mad I beat one o 'em till he was about dead.

The mission is a bit confusin too. Don't know what a'm doin' or where a'm supposed to go. Bloody colonel got 'imself shot, so am on me own now. Supposed to be lookin for some daft banker oo's got 'imself lost in Spain. Well, Spain's a big place, y'know. Ah lost me best sash here the other day and a've no chance o findin it.

Movin' into French occupied territory tomorrah. Hope ah don't get shot.


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