Sunday, 20 July 2008

Over the Hills and Far Away

Me and the lads.

Well I took the King's shillin and here a am. In Spain. Mucky, dusty, bloody Spain. Ma great-great-great grandchildren'll come ere one day. On package olidays. Tenerife. Ibiza. A'm ere to do ma duty. Kill the Frenchies.

It's not so bad, you know. Ah get a shillin for me pay and the lads are a laff. A'm a dab and we a rifle too and no mistaking. And it's nice to get a bit o better weather. Elps me forget Yorkshire. Ah killed a man there, ye know. There. Ah said it. Can't say a'm proud but a've come ere to forget.

Big battle tomorru. Hope ah don't get shot.


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